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Centurion Stone:

The “close to nature” appearance of Centurion Stone meets the high standards that our customers expect. The stone has a distinct advantage because it is lighter, less expensive, and easier to install than natural stone.

Belgard Pavers and Walls

We have a truly unique collection of Belgard pavers that mimic the legendary cobbled roadways of the Ancient Romans. Belgard walls are the perfect finishing touch to compliment your paver installation. Celtik Wall will enhance your paver hardscape or as a standalone structure for landscape contours and garden borders.

Keystone Country Manor Retaining Walls

Country Manor walls have the rustic hand-laid look of centuries-old English estate walls. With a remarkably broad range of shapes and colors, it’s the ideal choice for freestanding landscaped walls, columns, and retaining walls.

Ashford Brick

We also offer Ashford Brick, the innovative brick with Old-World charm. Ashford’s variety of shapes offer a greater design possibilities as well as less cutting and wastem improving cost-efficiency for both builder and client.

Dufferin Stone

Dufferin Stone combines the distinctive look of natural stone and the patina of old European walls. It’s exceptionally durable, stately, and elegant.

Natural Stone

Our new line of Natural Stone gives you many options no matter what your project demands. Whether you are looking for thin stone veneer, dimensional wall stone, or even stepping stones.

All of our products will add an impressive appearance to any project that will last and look great for decades.

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